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Meet the Team

at Wellspring Counseling Center

Lindsey headshot.jpg

Lindsey is a child, adolescent and family therapist who specializes in working with trauma survivors and members of the adoption triad. She is passionate about helping those who are dealing with adoption related grief, attachment issues, and mental health struggles.

Lindsey’s experience also includes counseling survivors of human trafficking, survivors of cancer/chronic illness and working with first responders.

Katie is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Nashville, TN.  She believes deeply in humanity and that both our bodies and minds are wired for growth and healing.  She has served individuals in many different stages of life including those experiencing anxiety, depression, shame, body image issues, relationships issues, and trauma. 

She sees it as a privilege to walk alongside client's as they release the stories that no longer serve them and uncover the wisdom that has always been inside.

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